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Personal Trainer, Nutrition, Weight Management

Nicola provides one to one  personal training in the New Forest, Ringwood, St Leonards, St Ives, Ashley Heath, Matchams, Ferndown, Wimbourne, Verwood, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

Focusing on nutrition, weight loss, motivation, fitness, fat burning, toning. Personal training can take place in the convenience of your own home, the beach, your local park or within a gym environment.

Nicola is a qualified and experienced trainer, she provides fun, motivating and

varied training, she is results orientated and you expect to see and feel results in a relatively short period. She takes a holistic view and believes in a balance of healthy mind,body and nutrition.

The Benefits of Personal Training

  • A complete programme covering core stability, resistance and cardio training.
  • Personal trainers are very flexible, allowing training to take place on your terms and conditions.
  • The trainer applies knowledge, exercises and motivation to achieve results in a short period of
  • time.
  • Guaranteed efficient use of time with a specific monitored programme.
  • Results lead to improved body tone & shape & can, in turn, increase happiness and
  • self-confidence.
  • Achieve results through setting a series of ongoing achievable goals.

Why employ a Personal Trainer & Nutritionalist?

  • Many people do not employ a personal trainer because they consider it too expensive or
  • unnecessary. They should be aware that obesity affects 1 in 5 people. Our bodies are our vehicles through life and we should invest and look after them as we do our cars.
  • You will be provided with professional, qualified advice on Nutritional Diet and Exercise.
  • You will be taught the proven best way to lose weight is through a controlled diet combined with prescribed exercise, controlling weight and body fat.
  • You will be provided with advice on tast and healthy food choices.


The Benefits of Exercise

  • Reduces the risk of dying prematurely from coronary heart disease.
  • Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression,anxiety.
  • Helps to reduce high blood pressure.
  • Helps control weight / body fat and promotes psychological well being.
  • Helps control cholesterol levels and reduce lipoproteins that have been linked to heart disease.
  • Improved strength, fitness, flexibility & general conditioning. Not only will you feel the health benefits but personal training will rapidly give you results, you will look and feel good. You will receive your individual programme which I will tailor to your needs, whether it is weight loss / gain, toning, increasing fitness, strength or definition. Personal training will allow you to simply get on with training without worrying about, frequency, intensity or safety / suitability of exercises.
  1. We will discuss and set your personal achievable goals.
  2. Complete a Fitness Assessment.
  3. Continually test and review your goals.

For example:


Short term goals (1-3) months

To be able to walk / jog for 20 minutes. Reduce body fat by 2-3 %. Reduce weight by 5% and maintain.


Medium term goals (3-9) months

Complete a 5 k run. Reduce body fat by 3-5% Reduce weight by 10% and maintain.


Long term goals (12 + months)

Complete 10 km run in under 60 minutes. Complete a half marathon. Achieve target body fat. Achieve target weight and maintain. Exercise four times each week.


Fitness Assessments explained


When starting training a system needs to be put in place to measure your results achieved and progress. Dependant on your needs one or several of the following will be used;

  • Body fat measurement (callipers)
  • Weight
  • Cardio test (current fitness)
  • Circumference measurements (hips, waist, thighs etc).                                                                                 At intervals your fitness assessments are re-taken, goals are re set and new benchmarks are set.
  • Analysis of fitness, flexibility, strength
  • endurance and body composition.
  • Providing a starting point to benchmark progress against.
  • Exact measurements of percentage of body fat.
  • Measurement of BMI and hip to waist ratio.
  • Measure of resting heart rate and blood pressure.



Initial consultation: Free




60 minutes          £ 40

5 x 1 hour           £180

10 x 1 hour         £350


90 minutes           £ 60

5 x 90 min            £260

10 x 90 mins        £520





Block bookings of 5 or 10 sessions receive a 5 and 10% discount respectively.


Nutritional Consultation

                                     60 minutes £ 30

                                     90 minutes £ 40


Note: basic nutrition and personal programmes are included free with ongoing personal training.    

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