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Professional Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural therapy that helps you to cope with the problems and challenges of everyday life. Hypnosis is an enhanced state of relaxation.

How you can change your life with Hypnotherapy?

I will tailor make a fast and effective programme based on your needs to help you make powerful and lasting changes to your life.

You are not asleep - you can still hear everything, and speak. When you are in that state, your subconscious mind is more accessible and open to suggestion.

What can Hypnotherapy Treat?

It can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, compulsions such as over eating, and addictions such as smoking. It can help with pain management and can ease the symptoms of chronic conditions such as asthma and IBS. It can boost your confidence and assist you to achieve your goals.

What Happens during a Session?

You will be asked about your problem and notes will be taken. A treatment plan will be discussed and agreed. Treatment will begin by using relaxation

techniques to guide you gently into hypnosis, and therapeutic suggestions will be given. You will then be guided safely back into everyday alertness.

Simple problems can be overcome in one or two sessions.

Complex problems may require more sessions in order to establish a new pattern of behaviour

How to reduce anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Anxiety is the most common reason why people choose Hypnotherapy. Anxiety is the feeling or emotion that we experience as we try to make sense of new or challenging situations. It is a normal part of living, but sometimes generates so much fear that it can feel as if it has taken over our lives.

Working with a variety of people who suffered from anxiety, I have been able to develop a method that normally resolves anxiety in 2-3 sessions. I take time to work with you to understand all of the drivers that promote the feelings of anxiety.

Work life, poor diet choices, relationship or family stress can all drive us to feeling anxious, so with a variety of causes, I use more than one approach to reduce and remove your anxiety completely.

If anxiety is causing problems in your life – it is perfectly normal to feel anxious from time to time, we all feel anxiety. But anxiety comes in many guises and forms. Many different types of fears affect people and it gets put under the one broad label. Some people are fearful of going out, some people have an anxiety with no apparent reason behind it, and for many people the doctor is the first place they go. A family doctor is likely to prescribe an anti depressant, or occasionally counselling or beta blockers. Sometimes these are effective in a short time in one’s life, but they don’t deal with the underlying cause of the anxiety, and that is why hypnotherapy is so different. It can deal with whatever the underlying cause of what the anxiety is. You can leave anxiety behind and move your life on in the direction you would like to.

How to boost your confidence with Hypnotherapy

Low self-confidence can stop you in your tracks, stifle your career hopes and even stop you being with the person you want to be. I have worked to boost self-confidence in those who want to build new relationships but are too scared to and to help those whose career has faltered through a lack of confidence in taking the next step up.

Building self confidence is an important task; the causes of a lack of confidence can vary and have many different roots. Hypnotherapy enables the me to work with you to bring about real positive change in your life.

A lack of confidence is often linked with low self esteem and the potential causes are many and varied. For this reason a lack of confidence can show up in many situations: Hypnotherapy works to change the way a situation is perceived and deal with out of date personal beliefs that are getting in the way of progress.

Fear of Rejection; Dating; Commitment; Driving; giving a Presensation / Interview

Nervous before an Exam; Public Speaking; Stage Fright. Social Phobias

Goal setting with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Sometimes, however much we want something and however hard we try to achieve a goal, it just seems to slip away. After a few attempts we may even give up trying to achieve that certain something altogether and write the experience off as “just another thing that’s gone wrong”.But there are ways to achieve your aims, to get your goals and then exceed them.

How you can Quit Smoking with the use of Hypnotherapy

If you want to stop smoking, hypnosis is the simplest, fastest and most effective way to become a non smoker. Many people who try to stop smoking by 'willpower alone' will stop smoking at first but will drift back to the habit within the first few days or weeks.

Hypnotherapy does not rely on will power - it gets right to the roots of the reason why you smoke. It deals with the real emotions that drive your smoking so that you can get on and live your life smoke free. It works.

You can Lose Weight and Change your Life with Hypnotherapy

How many diets have you been on? Atkins, Primal Blueprint, GI, and so many other diets work really well, whilst you are on them. However, the weight seems to come back and we go through a yo-yo sequence of dieting and then gaining the pounds all over again.

Hypnotherapy allows us to work directly upon the patterns and habits of poor eating choices, so that the subconscious part of the mind are encouraged into adopting a more healthy pattern of eating. Using hypnotherapy for weight control, can bring about not just a change in your weight, but also a positive change in the way you feel about food and eating.

This is a comprehensive program that deals not just with eating habits, but also with any underlying emotional issues that so often drive our eating habits. This is not a diet; it is a new way of thinking and eating. You will learn to respect your food, and yourself, and alter your whole pattern of eating.

If you are ready to move on and start living life to the full again, call me now on 07708 642133.

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